Contrasting February

The vagaries of the weather – we are witnesses

In the space of a couple of weeks, the vineyard showed us two faces: the cold and deep winter at the beginning of the month, and almost a mild spring in mid-February.

For us winegrowers, the winter months rhyme above all with pruning. You have to cut the shoots of last year and keep only one branch that will bear beautiful grapes the following season. Pruning can be tough in cool temperatures and invigorating winds… The fingers are rigid with cold. A cup of hot tea is more than welcome. But sometimes, pruning is also done in the sun in almost spring-like, pleasant temperatures. We want to take off the layers of jackets and coats. Life then awakens very quickly. But be careful! Winter is never far away and the drop in temperature could surprise many….

Native Cocinelle – 17.02.23

Snow in the vineyard of Aigle – 01.02.23

First flowers – 17.02.23

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