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One estate. One family.

The family estate is made up of 5 hectares of vines, spread over 23 plots, all located in the place of production of Aigle and under the controlled designation of origin (AOC) “Chablais”. The first part of the vines is located on the hillsides of Beauregard, facing the majestic Dents-du-Midi. The other part stretches languorously around the Château d’Aigle, home to the museum of vines and wine.

Since the 1990s, we have been working in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of production. To preserve the environment and biodiversity, we leave grass in our vines. In the hillside, our terraced vines are supported by dry stone walls, maintained with family know-how.

Winemaking our passion.

Five generations of expression through the vine and wine, preserving the tradition of this winery as at its origins. From the winemaker of the past to the winemaker of today, Alain Emery continues in this same philosophy, drawing on all the knowledge built by his predecessors.

Discover our work through the seasons: From the vine to the glass – movie


Emile Borloz bought the estate and vinified there. At that time, agriculture and viticulture were part of the family buisness.

A few years later, Adèle, the daughter of Emile Borloz married Gustave Emery.


Gustave Emery-Borloz takes over the winery. He enlarged the family estate and set aside agriculture. It’s his son, Gustave Emery, who will develop the sale of bottles, and this since 1956.


Gustave Emery leaves the reins of the winery to his sons, Philippe and François. In turn, the two brothers bring renewal to the farm. They consolidate direct sales and rationalize the vineyard.


It is the turn of Alain Emery, François’ son to take over the management of the winery, rich in 7 years of experience in the service of viticulture in Geneva.


Alain is joined by his brother Marc Emery. Together, they continue to offer wines of great quality and also develop winetourism and hospitality.


Since 2015, the Cave Alain Emery has been a signatory to the Wine Tourism Charter of the Canton of Vaud. During the open doors event in May 2016, we obtained the Vaud Wine Tourism label certifying our commitment to the visitor, the environment and to the entire region.


Thanks to our commitment to the environment and by additionally managing 20% of our plots in a biodynamic manner, the Emery winery has been certified with the VIANATURA label by VITISWISS. The goal is to promote sustainable development and work in a reasonable and environmentally friendly manner.


With our varied and innovative tasting offers, the Cave Alain Emery won the 1st place in the “craftsman” category at the Swiss Wine Tourism competition. In addition, we were nominated for the 2019 “Best of Wine Tourism Award”.